Riding Upwind without obstacle
Precedences & Safety Distance
Change Direction with other kiters around
Ride back to the starting point
Private Upgrade 100€
Group Discount 75€

Our KITE courses are based on 10 years of study of the teaching methodology, psychological approach of the student’s point of strength, and on a constant updating in the most recent safety teaching procedures.

The "Ride INDIPENDENT course" is aimed at those who, once they have finished the Beginner course, want to quickly progress to ride UpWind returning exactly to the starting point.

To let the student attain the Independence we provide to fix the posture mistake from a boat session, and then from the beach spot let him try to going out himself under our supervision on the shore.


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KITE Price

1 Session 4 Hour Max 110
2 Sessions 8 Hour Max 220
3 Sessions 12 Hour Max 320
4 Sessions 16 Hour Max 420

4 hours maximum per lesson session by a complete group of 3 students with 1 instructor

Ride Independent

Ride Independent

Ride Wherever

Boat & Beach Session Riding Precedence & Self Rescue Directly to the Water

Our Client Reviews


Reservations can be made directly online or via email or telephone. Full payment must be made to secure your reservation. The payment is non-refundable unless the customer makes a cancellation 7 days before commencement or the class or is cancelled by the management due to lack of wind. Any changes to dates must be made at least 2 days prior to scheduled start date.
You will only be charged for the Lessons / Rental Sessions you use. If you cannot complete all Pre Paid Lesson Hours or Equipment Rental Sessions due to a lack of wind during your scheduled classes or rental periods then you will be offered a Credit Voucher equal to or greater than the incomplete class hours or rental session. OR you may choose to take a partial refund to be returned to your credit card or paid in cash depending on your method of payment. In the case of pre paid packages of lessons / rental you will be charged for the lesson hours or rental sessions completed at the base hourly / session rate or at the closest matching package rate (whichever is less) with the balance refunded to you in cash or returned to your credit card, depending on method of payment.
Equipment Breakages / Loss. Any Breakages or Loss of Kite Club Equipment during normal and appropriate use will not be charged to the customer these costs will be assumed by Kite Club. Any breakages or loss of Kite Club Equipment due to reckless or misuse of equipment on the part of the customer will be charged to the customer at the replacement cost value of the item. Kite Club will not assume responsibility for any lost or broken personal items or equipment belonging to a customer or other parties.
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