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Starter Course

This course include:

Safety system & wind theory
Kite control
Water lesson preparation
Kite control in the water and waterstart!
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The first 2 sessions of the kitesurfing group course for starters, we teach from the shore. The instructor is always close to you to assist you directly. During the first two sessions we prepare you 100% for the waterwork lesson. With the Natural Sense kitesurfing group course for starters, most pupils are getting so confident with the kite flying and board technic, that after 2 sessions at the shore, they are able to comfortably make their first ride on the third session. In our opinion, this method of teaching is the most time-efficient and cost-effective way to learn kitesurfing.
After the kitesurfing group course for starters, you will be able to manage the basics of kitesurfing on your own and be more independent with your new watersport.